About K.L. Phan

Well, there you are.

[heavy sigh]

Now you’ve gone and done it. Simply had to click the About link, didn’t you? Suppose you did. After all, it is there to entice you curious sort into taking the bait. Who wouldn’t want to click it? No, no, that’s rhetorical. I didn’t mean to get you going.

Wait, what’s that? Oh. You’re curious about me. Ah. Let’s see, what shall I say?

[deep breath]


My name is Kim Linh Phan and I’m an addict. Calm down, don’t be put off. Come back, come back! Really. My addiction isn’t at all what you think. My drugs of choice are books because not only do I love to write, I have a voracious appetite for reading. What better addiction is there for someone like myself to have? I spend most of my days alternating from reading to writing, though I do occasionally sneak away from the literary world for inspiration.

When I’m not engrossed in either of those two pursuits, I can usually be found playing a video game, catching up on missed shows, or out in my garden. It’s actually more of a battlefield during the summer between the bugs and the withering Texas heat. Yet, somehow, it perseveres.

Kim Linh Phan, who prefers to be called Kaelie (a variation of Ki Li), graduated with a B.A. in English and currently resides in South Texas. She is a voracious reader, dedicated writer and social butterfly madly in love with a computer geek who supports all her silliness because he finds it cute. Kaelie lives proudly by a Pay It Forward principle which she promotes daily in various ways. It’s not uncommon for Kaelie to go out of her way to help others if she has the capacity to do so. “At least one good deed a day,” is something she lives by and takes rather seriously.

Among her favorite authors are Julie Czerneda and Anne Bishop, though she admits to having read every single Anne McCaffrey book while growing up. Kaelie prefers to read fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, and historical fiction in her down time since she spent “a great deal of time” reading everything else for her degree. At present she is working towards self-publishing in both the fantasy and supernatural genres.