Writing Practice: Revisiting the Old

Prompt: A new flare on Serianca in a different AU than P: TC series I’m working on. Most probably won’t be able to follow the context of the story, but it’s more for myself than anyone else. Practicing POV from a non-human prospective without identifying a gender or using gender tags. Character creation belongs to myself, K. L. Phan, and as such I requested it not to be duplicated.


What did a bird know of time? Much less the passage of it beyond the seasonal changes. It was no different than other Avian creatures these days lurking amidst the foliage brought about by its presence alone. Where it flew, clean air followed; where it settled, life sprung from the oil splattered earth, purified by its mere vicinity to it. Too long had it remained under the poise of a creature, an earthly life form bound to the cycles of nature that it barely remembered what the days once were. Fleeting glimpses of a time it walked in the body of a Human woman occupied it on occasion. A single eyelid closed with the raptor’s face tilting gently aside. The wind upon its feathers was nothing like the fingers of a breeze caressing copper strands it once thought as beautiful as the pure white feathers tipped in black to match its sins upon mankind. How many had it slaughtered on cue? How often had it sunk beak, blade, and claw into the heart of man to please its Master? The Avian entity shook a feathered head, disturbed by the recollection turning dark.

Dark, it thought. The imagery of one such figure radiating an eternity of it flashed through the foggy consciousness it possessed. Feathers ruffled along the majestic predator’s form as frustration, a sentient emotion, overcame it, but why? The question echoed in its bird sized brain as it shuffled along the growth of vines beneath its talon tipped feet. None in the new Warehouse District dared to attack it. The earliest fools’ white washed bones littered the ground where nature failed to touch a single one. Primal nature. This expanse of vegetation stretched out across what was once a collection of dilapidated warehouse buildings was under its control. Territory was essential for it. An ingrained, non-avoidable instinct. Wings capable of stretching six feet across pooled upward for balance as it rearranged itself on the perch it customarily took. A vantage point to set the deceased owner of the District always in sight. Perhaps some things were never lost after all, yet if the Avian creature remembered anything, it would be surprising. Subconsciously, it maintained vigilance over the place it considered home and cast down those who would dare to challenge its authority with fierce determination.

True gyrfalcons settled into the area, but none held the magnificent plumage it bore from the blue-white beak, ebon black eyes, and pristine feathers of white kissed in a trace of black. From the earth its presence was nearly indistinguishable from the clouds overhead with the pure feathers encasing its undercarriage. A frightening thing for those who dared to interlope, such as humans interested in capturing those brethren it protected. Always. A Protector unaware it had been such as the copper haired lass but years ago.

It missed all of the transitioning from the person it once hunted frequently to much frustration throughout the world for a glimpse, a whiff of, without any inkling as to why. Then there was the pleasant atmosphere of discovering that which it hunted one day before again, without a word, the entity it chased disappeared. Once more, it was abandoned all over again. Not that it, a creature born of primordial magic, did not understand in some way or another. Yet… where did panic and pain fit into its life? A creature of pure intentions, born with a love of sky and fear of earth. Did it even remember how to change shape anymore? What would the Masters have said of that? Scoff, they would, at a creature of such magnitude as it forgetting the basic ability, to shape-shift into an inconspicuous woman. A form they coerced upon it at such a fragile age. The last thing many had seen before their eyes glazed over, lifeless, as it continued on with whatever mission its greedy Masters required to sate their ever growing demands.

Again, the beast shook itself harshly, nearly ripping it from the tender vines it traipsed across. Birds spooked by the violence of its actions took to the skies. An angry beak snapped at them for so eloquently mocking its inelegant grace. One of them would be a pigeon, spared by now, from any gyrfalcon in the area if only because it continued to give the best chase of them all. Talons scratched at its beak in annoyance before it stooped down, hunkering a moment only to loft itself into the sky. Before it could fully leave the wilderness it brought to life in the darkest of areas, a long forgotten scent caught its attention. Just what was that? It couldn’t quite place it. The smell, intoxicating and infuriating all at once, tantalized it into flying towards the one area that often drew it near. It no longer identified as the woman who once luxuriated in sun bathing atop the building that once resided there. The creature who adored the feel of sitting in someone’s lap, the attention doled towards it, and the feel of cold fingers brushing against her cheek. Those… mammalian indulgences it shed with the body it left in hibernation.


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